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Frequently Asked Questions about Fresh Chocodiles:


The most common question we're asked is, do they still make Chocodiles?

Yes they do! Only on the West Coast though. We buy them bakery fresh twice a week and ship on the same day. These are the freshest chocodiles available.

Can you tell me about the Freshness of these products, how do I know they're going to be Fresh?

Fresh Chocodiles is commited to Freshness. Your product will arrive by the sell-by date or will ship you a new order* These are the freshest chocodiles available.







* Fresh Chocodiles cannot be held responsible when there are difficulties delivering your package due to recipient error such as addressing or issues related to a PO Box..

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All of our orders are shipped Priority Mail to maintain freshness and value for our customers.

It takes a while to eat a Chocodile | We do Fresh Chocodiles and now Caramel Ho-Ho's