Hostess O's Raspberry-Filled Donuts

Fresh Chocodiles

These are the famous large-sized, powdered donuts stuffed with raspberry filling. We love these donuts, but we have to have them fresh. We don't ship these until we get them fresh. 6 donuts/box

Our Favorite Donuts are Back! Now Shipping every other Monday, but worth the wait.

2 Boxes of Hostess O's Donuts, $14
4 Boxes of Hostess O's Donuts, $24

Value packs!

1 box each of Chocodiles & Ho Ho's $15
2 boxes each of Chocodiles & Ho Ho's $26

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All of our orders are shipped USPS Priority Mail to maintain freshness and value for our customers.

It takes a while to eat a Chocodile | We do Fresh Chocodiles and more.