Hostess Chocodiles

Fresh Chocodiles

Chocodiles in quanitites especially for folks who need 100 or more at once. Shipping is discounted, too.

Our Regular Pricing:  
2 Boxes of Chocodiles $17.99
10 Snack Cakes 
3 Boxes of Chocodiles $23.99
20 Snack Cakes 
4 Boxes of Chocodiles $29.99

40 Snack Cakes

Our Bulk Pricing:
Great frozen, for special events or share with friends?
  FedEx Ground Shipping USPS Priority Mail

10 boxes of Chocodiles (100 snack cakes) $75.00

$20 (may take 5 business days) $35 (2-3 days)

Value packs!

1 box each of Chocodiles & Caramel Ho Ho's $15
2 boxes each of Chocodiles & Caramel Ho Ho's $26

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All of our orders are shipped USPS Priority Mail to maintain freshness and value for our customers.

It takes a while to eat a Chocodile | We do Fresh Chocodiles and more.